40084 3" Raynor Gray Bottom Garage Door Seal

3" Raynor Gray Bottom Garage Door Seal (priced per pre-cut length.)

  • Bottom seal works in Raynor brand Residential and Commercial garage doors and other brands that have retainers that accept 1/4" "T" seal.
  • 3" wide gray vinyl seal
  • Seal slides into bottom section astragal retainer
  • Priced per pre-cut lengths of 8',9',10',11',12',13',14',15',16',17',18',19',20',21',22',23',24',28', 32' and 40' 
  • Seals are cut 5" to 6" longer (at no extra charge) so there's extra seal on each end to tuck back into the retainer
  • Installation tip: have two people to install - one to pull the seal through the retainer and the other to feed the seal into the retainer. It's also a good idea to put some soapy water or lubricant on the retainer before trying to pull the vinyl seal through.



40084 3" Raynor Gray Bottom Garage Door Seal
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  • Item #: 40084
  • Manufacturer: Raynor
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Price $8.64

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